Dr. Wil Spencer coming to Long Island!!

wil spencer

If you’re looking for an evening (and an afternoon) of informative conversations about attaining the Vibrant Health you keep hoping for, come on out to Mattituck to meet Dr. Wil Spencer of BodyElectrician.com. On September 26, at 7:00pm, and 27, at 4:00pm, Dr. Spencer will be speaking to all that are willing to truly listen. 

The talk will take place in my home on Laurel Lake in Mattituck. This talk will be informal and conversational: In other words, questions are always welcome. Wil has so much knowledge and experience with health, that the event will undoubtedly leave you quite affected.

For some who know very little about health and nutrition it will be a vital beginning for you; for those that have extensive knowledge on the subject–I guarantee it’s a game changer! 

Come listen to Wil and his partner Delanne talk about why, after going down the path of all the alternative ‘cures’ and all the ‘nourishing’ foods you could eat….you’re still not feeling great! Find out about what foods could be causing your ills, what ‘nutritional supplements’ are useless and most importantly how simple attaining Vibrant Health really is. I’m not saying it doesn’t require effort and commitment, I’m just saying that true health has some surprisingly simple answers.

There will be refreshments, there will be snacks; there will be give-a-ways; there will be shared information and a gathering of friends, new and old. My hope is that there will be you. And if there is….trust that there is a reason!

Please call/text 631.745.3083 to give me a heads up that you’re  coming (and for directions!) or email me at vibranthealthhub@gmail.com.



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