Meal Plan: No Grains, Nuts, Seeds or Tubers!

cheese soup

So, you just began following Dr. Wil Spencer’s dietary suggestions of no grains, nuts, seeds or tubers. Are you panicking yet? Yeah, it’s quite common upon hearing the diet to have more questions than answers. Probably, because no one really wants to give up those things! Especially, bread and pasta and cake and cookies…..yup, not easy to give up!

The most powerful reason you are having such a hard time with the whole concept, is because the population of microbes living in your gut are so out of balance that they are calling the shots! What I mean is that when your gut is working properly and is healthy, you don’t crave things like bread, pasta, sugar and all the other things that feed the pathogenic overload! You simply lose your taste for them. Why? Because the pathogens that live off of sugar (grains turn into sugar!) are no longer causing the cravings that feed THEM!

And, by the way, the reasons for no nuts and seeds is explained here. It basically comes down to anti-nutrients in these foods that wreck havoc on your digestive system. The reasons for foregoing grains, in case you forgot, is here. Tubers (potatoes and sweet potatoes) are very high in sugar. All of these foods can be eaten on an 80/20 ratio once you’ve given your body a break from them….completely….for, at least, two months. Three months is better. I went off of them for over a year and now eat them in very limited amounts. But see what your body feels best doing.

Now for the main reason of this article: a meal plan. What foods DO you eat and how do you put together a day of food? There are endless combinations, but I’ll give you an idea of my day.

I always start my day with a bowl of fruit covered in either cream or yogurt. I usually add some honey to plain yogurt. I also have my coffee. Oh yes….there will be coffee. Later in the morning, ten or eleven o’clock, I might have some cheese or meat. Perhaps some soup.

For lunch, I usually do some roll ups. I find the best cold cuts I can and add some homemade mayo or some mustard. Sometimes, I have leftovers of last night’s dinner. Sometimes yogurt or more cheese. I have a local farm that sells raw milk and have a glass. Making an egg omelet or a salad is another option.

Dinner is simply a meat and veggies. I also use zucchini as a pasta (click here for a fun gadget) with Italian sauce, or “gravy” say some Italians, and meatballs. I also make an awesome Chili in the winter (no beans–same reason as the grains) or meat casseroles. So delicious and no one misses the grains.

In the file section of the Facebook group, Body Electrician Community Kitchen (join us if you haven’t already), you’ll find all kinds of bread alternatives. Oopsies are fun to make and break up the food dull drums. There are also numerous desserts that, let’s face it, add some fun back into our lives and tastebuds. Ice cream is a stand by in our house. I make a pretty good cheesecake with just a touch of organic cornstarch. And for a quick dessert, try dates and cream cheese.

Dr. Wil Spencer’s book, “The Underlying Cause of the Unconscious Conspiracy Against Our Health” has a whole chapter dedicated to diet.  Author, Denie Heistand, has a book called “Electrical Nutrition“, which has a meal plan section that can be quite helpful.

Hope this helps to give you some ideas and resources. Feel free to add your own ideas for a grain, nut, seed or tuber free meal idea!


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