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A Paradigm-Shifting Talk by Dr. Wil Spencer!

wil spencer

Click this link (this very long link) for a podcast that may blow your mind….no seriously. I’d strap in if I were you…….

Dr Wil Spencer lecturing at Wild by Nature Hampton Bays

wil spencerDr. Wil Spencer author, lecturer, radio host, researcher and Naturopathic Doctor,  is coming to Wild by Nature in Hampton Bays on January 16 at 7:00 pm. The lecture is free and open to the public. I would say the information is free-ing, however. Information leaves you free to make better decisions, and without this information you are not making informed decisions about your health!

When I talk about Wil to others, I often get the knee-jerk reaction that they too focus on health. They say, “I eat so many salads”, or “I’ve given up red meat” or the proverbial….”just bought a juicer”.  And what if that is just stock nutritional advice from a fraudulent “natural health” industry? What if most of what you know is based on junk science? Even if you hold a certificate/degree in holistic, nutritional, health, dietary whatever.

Believe me, I’m not trying to attack anyone’s belief system. I, for one, came to Dr. Wil with some strong ideas of my own. I was a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. I was told that soaking my grains was all I needed to do to be able to eat all the grains, nuts and seeds I could consume.

Yes, information can be freeing. It can open your mind, body and spirit to new possibilities. Even if you do know it all…..couldn’t hurt you any to listen to some one else’s take on things. Could it?



Dr. Wil Spencer coming to Long Island!!

wil spencer

If you’re looking for an evening (and an afternoon) of informative conversations about attaining the Vibrant Health you keep hoping for, come on out to Mattituck to meet Dr. Wil Spencer of On September 26, at 7:00pm, and 27, at 4:00pm, Dr. Spencer will be speaking to all that are willing to truly listen. 

The talk will take place in my home on Laurel Lake in Mattituck. This talk will be informal and conversational: In other words, questions are always welcome. Wil has so much knowledge and experience with health, that the event will undoubtedly leave you quite affected.

For some who know very little about health and nutrition it will be a vital beginning for you; for those that have extensive knowledge on the subject–I guarantee it’s a game changer! 

Come listen to Wil and his partner Delanne talk about why, after going down the path of all the alternative ‘cures’ and all the ‘nourishing’ foods you could eat….you’re still not feeling great! Find out about what foods could be causing your ills, what ‘nutritional supplements’ are useless and most importantly how simple attaining Vibrant Health really is. I’m not saying it doesn’t require effort and commitment, I’m just saying that true health has some surprisingly simple answers.

There will be refreshments, there will be snacks; there will be give-a-ways; there will be shared information and a gathering of friends, new and old. My hope is that there will be you. And if there is….trust that there is a reason!

Please call/text 631.745.3083 to give me a heads up that you’re  coming (and for directions!) or email me at


A New Hand Scan Hub on Long Island!

If you are living on Long Island and have heard of Dr. Wil Spencer, then you are searching for a hand scan hub to begin your protocol. You’ve found the place!

First, for those folks that know nothing of the latter, let me explain. Dr. Wil Spencer is a naturopathic doctor located out of West Virginia. He was born and raised in Minnesota as a farm boy. His ill health led him to an encounter with an herbal concoction that enabled him to “take his first real breath”, and that became the beginning of his journey to find vibrant health for himself and others.

His first book, “The Underlying Cause of the Unconscious Conspiracy Against Our Health” details his forward thinking health protocol. His protocol is simple: give the body what it needs and it will jumpstart the body’s own natural healing! This is done through a diet that has some very simple rules, like ‘no grains, no seeds, nuts or tubers’; eat meats, dairy and eggs from pastured animals raised on clean fields; and don’t mix veggies and fruit. Then there are supplements that are essential to a healthy body: minerals, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics. Herbal tinctures and supplements like colostrum are also added into the protocol, but all according to a hand scan.

The scan is done on a galvanic skin response device by Zyto. It is a small device used to read frequencies, much like the technology used in lie detector testing, sonar equipment for boats and, most recently, for Bill Gates new GSR bracelets to read whether kids are interested in school.  Although Bill Gates may be using this simple technology for ill gains, we here at Vibrant Health Hub use it to pave a path to a truly healthy body.

The program connected to the hand scanner has been set to read as many as 30,000 different frequencies including pathogens, bacterias, funguses, viruses, environmental toxins, pharmaceutical and vaccine stressors and even emotional statements that are not at ease with our bodies, This makes finding a protocol a snap! A forty minute scan gives an extremely accurate depiction of what’s going on within us….and a corresponding readout of all the supplements needed to help your body start it’s own journey to vibrant health.

As with most Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Spencer believes that not only diet and our environment can be stressors, but our emotional state can be crucial. He employs a technique called “Psyche-K” , a modality that can override the psychological programming that may have been with us since childhood. The statements that come up in the scan may amaze you. Some are simple ones, like ‘I love all parts of my body’ or ‘I enjoy making lots of money’. Simple, yes, but if your subconscious is fighting that statement, then how much are you losing out on your life and happiness?

I hope you’ll come visit Vibrant Health Hub and experience some of the remarkable results I and my family have experienced. We are located on Laurel Lake in Mattituck. You will be made completely comfortable while you sit for your scan (it doesn’t hurt a bit–I promise). You can watch TV, listen to music, or simply gaze out at the lake while placing your hand on the scanner.

I will be writing about the results that I and my family are having on our protocol on this site, so stay tuned!


For a scan, please call 631.745.3083 or email me at